At Homework Lab we believe that it is important to have unforgettable memories of college life.
Study routine should not take over you

Homework Lab was designed as a unique students, Geeks, teachers collaboration platform with the aim to share, manage and discuss tasks of an individual who is in need now.

We challenge current educational standards and struggle to create a completely new learning experience for our students. Our tools are designed to match our own values of lifelong learning.

Homework Lab struggles to make college life smarter, but not harder by providing unique workspace, where knowledge is shared among all users.

Our goals

Our fundamental goal is to help students with their college-related tasks:

  • We provide helpful materials like essay examples, essay topic ideas, study tips shared by Geeks to improve students academic performance.
  • The unique collaboration platform and tasks planning system help to acquire time-management skills and become more productive in college.
  • We encourage the knowledge sharing. The platform allows students, Geeks, teachers, enthusiasts challenge one another with study-related projects and find the answers within the limited time frames.

Our values

We are confident that education is more productive:

  • 1When there is two-sided communication with the Geek
  • 2When professionals share their knowledge and help educate others
  • 3When study materials are available for everyone

Our mission

Create a collaboration workspace for students and Geeks where everyday participants learn something new

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