A Brief Look at Parent’s Concerns on their Kids Use of Gadgets example

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A Brief Look at Parent’s Concerns on their Kids Use of Gadgets

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A recent report covered by The Sydney Morning Herald entitled: Tantrums and Technology: screen time concerns for parents, brings into light a growing concern for parents and their kids. Globally, there is the trend that was not present a decade ago and one sees now in the families, schools and relevant areas where young people frequent that the tug of technology is very strong and that kids tend to navigate to it and develop a certain addiction to using the Internet and what it has to offer.

The news item, shares relevant studies that show how children’s behavior can be very much affected by how their parents allow or disallow the use of gadgets at home. It can put a strain on the harmony of families when kids are asked to stop fiddling with their gadgets and do something else. The survey also shows that 70% of parents have seen the connection of their children’s tantrums to the fact that they are not allowed to use their gadgets after they a few hours on them. Attitude problems then can result from a parent’s instruction and strong willed kids start whining and throwing tantrums to the dismay of their parents. A war of wills is then the result and for unknowing parents who give in to their kids prodding, this may prove to be a big obstacle in good parenting.

Children’s use of gadgets have both its advantage and disadvantages. Modern parents see the positive use of gadgets for they see how their kids’ attention is captured and how they start behaving well because they are stuck to what they are playing or watching on their gadgets. Technology has the power to grip the attention of the kids instantly.

They can also be used as learning tools. Complex graphics and games make for an interactive learning material that parents could not make use of before when there were not tablets or smartphones yet. Thus, kids can master certain concepts much faster than when they were using the traditional ways that have been utilized before.

A survey that was made by Real Insurance Australian Kids and Technology show that 90% out of 1,000 parents who served as correspondents to a survey they made, feel that technology encouraged children to be more open and to use their imagination thereby, producing creative ideas on their own without much help from adults. They are able to expose themselves to more complex problems and create a deeper inquisitiveness in them.

The positive effects are numerous and cannot be denied by parents and educators alike but one cannot also disregard that there is a downside in exposing kids to technology for long periods as what is happening to kids nowadays. Technology has become for many a very effective “nanny” to their kids which is not so positive if one is to consider it. There …

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