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A News Item Related to Selecting Employees

The news article analyzed, “If There’s Only One Woman in Your Candidate Pool, There’s Statistically No Chance She’ll Be Hired” published by Harvard Business Review, discusses the problem of gender inequality in the process of selecting employees (Johnson et al., n.p.). This topic is highly important in regard to the larger problem of gender bias in hiring, as well as the general problem of gender inequality in the United States. The research shows that women still experience discrimination at the workplace, and gender pay gap still exists. Thus, the statistical study conducted by the author highlights the importance of this issue.

This problem directly relates to the topic of employees selection and particularly legal standards during selection. Noe et al. (174) outline fundamental principles of legal standards aimed to prevent discrimination during employees selection. The authors emphasize the importance of equal employment opportunity for different minority groups. Besides, they provide information about legislations which prohibit discrimination in the United States and determine ways of fighting it. As the news item analyzed discusses equal opportunities for women, which are often considered a minority group which faces discrimination, this article is another example of the importance of this issue within the general field of human resource management.

For me, this news story, which refers to the statistical research, is proof that gender bias in hiring is still widespread. The most obvious implication of it for me, as a human resource manager, is the significance of fighting gender discrimination in particular in discrimination in general at the workplace and the selection process. If I were an HR-manager, I would enhance anti-discriminatory practices in the company I would me working for. Thus, I would aim to eliminate any discrimination possible in order to provide equal opportunities for everyone.

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