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My Special Place

In this life, everyone has got a special place that in one way or another triggers beautiful or funny memories. In most cases these special places have got the calming effect whenever one is faced with challenging moments in life. My grandmother’s house happens to be my special place. Since the day I was born, I practically grew there, in that surrounding. It is, therefore, normal that whenever that I am there, I am completely ambushed with memories; good and fun memories.

The truth is that the memories that emanate whenever I am there are what makes the place special. My grandmother’s house is the home of the first and the second generation of my family. For many years, the place has been a preserve for our family. My aunties, uncles, as well as my father, grew up within those walls. As I sit on the favorite recliner chair (which happens to be older than I by several years), what pops into my head is the manner in which the place instilled discipline in me thus playing a key role in making me who I am today.One memory that lingers in my mind is that one day I was put on timeout and was subsequently sent to my aunt’s room. I was forced to stay in there for over 30 minutes alone. I detested it and up to today, I cannot dare to enter that particular room. In that moment of imprisonment, I gazed out via the window into the backyard. In the backyard, there was a verdant garden of green plants, some flowers included. Additionally, there was a statue of a lion. The statue had its front limb amputated, and it wore a frown face. It was as if the lion had been hurt while hunting. Later I learned that my grandfather had bought the statue in East Africa (Kenya to be precise) as a gift for my grandmother because she had always wanted to travel to Africa to see the wildlife. On the far-right side of the garden, there is the garage.

The funny thing about this garage is that it was not a garage, at least not anymore. It had gone from a basic garage into a spot where virtually all the men of our family could hangout. I actually remember that when we were young, my cousins and I would utilize the garage as our “clubhouse.” We would take our toys there and play with them. Additionally, we would pretend to own a pool ha. As much as it sounds different from the games that other children played back in the days, we always had a feeling that it was the coolest thing.

The truth of the matter is that my grandmother’s house was a place that fitted any age range. Even today, we still go to the garage to hang out and play pool.As I conclude, may I say that whenever that I …

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