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Advertising Principles & Strategy Report

Table of Contents

II.Does the "It's a Mitsi" Idea Work, How Does it Help to Promote the Outlander
VII.New Target Audience
VIII.Key insight



This submission is aimed at assessment of the "It's a Mitsi" advertisement. This advertisement will be analyzed in accordance with conceptual framework tools, such as ROI comparison and Vaughn's matrix. The dimensions of brand, such as category, culture, ethics, brand and consumer, will be considered in the light of the communicational channel used to reach the target audience.

Does the "It's a Mitsi" Idea Work, How Does it Help to Promote the Outlander

The "It's a Mitsi" idea works good to promote Outlander, due to several reasons. The advertisement have a good performance according to the ROI framework (Williams, 2015, n.p.).First of all the advertisement can be considered Relevant to the target audience, because Mitsubishi Outlander is positioned as a family car. The company acknowledges the fact that this brand is not associated with off-road extreme riding, or a status car. The Originality of the ad can be highly ranked due to the attention drawn to the advertisement as it is seen for the first time. It features nice pictures of natural landscapes and family entertainment activities. The advertisement gains attention of the people who plan to buy a family car. Moreover, it provides information about the space of the trunk, which is very important for a family car. The ad provides information and pictures associated with experiences and concerns of family cars buyers. The emotional impact of the Mitsi ad is also significant. First of all the ad introduces a friendly name for the car – “Mitsi”. Secondly, it appeals to the new design of the car, which is very important for the emotional decision makers. “It’s a Mitsi” ad helps to identify the product from the great variety of offers on the market of family cars to stimulate more purchases, increase in awareness about the brand, which name become friendlier, and change of consumer preferences towards this brand.


The category of this product is automotive, particularly family car with large trunk space and versatility of use, a highly popular type of purchase and a significant market. As argued by Moriarty et al., automotive advertising category represents the top ad expenditure area (2012). According to the Vaughns grid, the choice of a family car is a high involvement consumer activity (Vaughn, 1980, p. 58). However, contemporary car market with all the available financial tools, such as leasing or loan, lowers the involvement applied to this type of purchase. Another element of the communicational effectiveness of the discussed ad was offer of this product as a mid-involvement product according to the Vaughn’s grid. Thus, the concept of recognizable Mitsi, which can be used for driving children to school and family entertainment near the river, is well-communicated …

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