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Analysis on the Movie "Boyz in the Hood"

The movie "Boyz in the Hood" was directed by John Singleton. The movie stars Cuba Gooding Jr. as Tre, Hundhail Al-Amir as Furious Styles Tre's father, Ice Cube as Doughboy, and Laurence Fishburne, as Ricky Baker; Doughboy's half-brother. Instilling moral and social values usually begins from a tender age. Most adolescents get a first-hand teaching of what is right or wrong, from their parents and guardians. Unfortunately, every individual adolescent makes the final decision on what moral values and teaching they wish to exhibit/practice. However, moral teachings vary with respect to different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Regardless of the type of moral upbringing experienced by adolescents, individual moral reasoning is responsible for the shaping of a moral identity/social behavior in every individual.

The social context of the MovieThe social context of the movie depicts life in an African-American minority neighborhood. African-American middle class and lower class families in living their lives in a region mostly occupied by only African Americans – “The hood” (Singleton, 1991).IdeologyThe ideology portrayed in the movie was to prove that, not all African Americans are wayward and non-ambitious (Singleton, 1991). The director successfully relayed the idea that most African Americans youths rarely have father figures, as a result they end up with the wrong peer group. The movie also insinuates that adolescents need to be guided away from the influence of bad peer groups because peer groups can be misleading and destructive; if an adolescent lacks proper adult guidance like Tre did (Singleton, 1991). The movie portrays the life course of most African-American youths, adolescent delinquency and the different effects of parenting styles. The different characters in the movie portray different lifestyles based on the moral codes of conduct that they imbibed while they were growing up (Singleton, 1991).

The movie also depicts how the environment and members of the community influence the lives of adolescents. Another ideology in the movie was to pass on some sex education to young persons who are romantically involved with one another, but lack enough knowledge about the consequences of unprotected sex (Singleton, 1991).The Cause of Crime The cause of crime in the movie "Boyz in the Hood" included simple ignorance, lack of guidance, a father, or mentor figure in the lives of several African-American adolescent (Singleton, 1991). Other obvious causes of crime also include self-defense from an attacker or anyone who attempted to hurt a person and disrespect (Singleton, 1991). In the case of an attempted robbery, where a young man walked by, and snatched a necklace from one of the Dough's friends; the male involved probably attempted the crime out of poverty or lack of basic amenities (Singleton, 1991).

As for the lady who proposed oral sex to Tre for money after he helped her retrieve her child from the street, she was what they called a "crack head"; she would have committed the …

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