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Are Police Racist?

The United States of America is known as the hub of diversity in the entire world, due to there being a huge and diverse pool of people present in the country. The country only has a handful of actual native descendants, whom are not even pure red Indians. Due to the massive job opportunities and the level of security provided in the country, people tend to leave their countries and kind haven in America. This bodes well for America since it gets the best from the countries as competition is high because of people from different countries competing for the same job. However, when racism is in question, America takes the cup. With the long-time frame of slavery in the country and the fact that the whites resisted when the slaves were given their basic human rights.

A recent study by a Washington State University Professor, Lois James, found that the police is more likely to arrest unarmed blacks who they see as suspects, than the suspects who were white or Hispanic. Blacks make up twenty six percent of the people shot dead by the police; however, they are only fifteen percent of the entire population.

Activists are of the opinion that the police biasness is totally proved when you see that the arrest percentage is higher than the percentage of blacks present in the society. The tragedy is that blacks are arrested because they are at fault, and have committed the crime that they are arrested for. In U.S., blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies and 57 percent of murders in 2009, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, although they were only fifteen percent of their population (Lowery, 2016). Black males of ages 14 and 17 commit murder at an alarming rate of ten percent as compared to their other race counterparts. Black men of 45 years and over are more likely to die of homicide. Nearly all black victims of homicide are killed by people who are also black. Black men are more in danger from other blacks then the police.

According to Bob Krull, a lieutenant of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Police Department gets about 500,000 calls in a year. Yet, the officers have not even discharged their weapons. In New York City, the police got 80,000 calls that were weapon related although the weapons discharged by police officers were just 40.

The fact that blacks are more likely to be murdered by other blacks is a harsh reality although the killings carried out by white police officers against unarmed black civilian is actually pretty common too. Philando Castile was killed while giving his identification to a Minneapolis-area police officer, like so many other black men. Even though he was complying with the demand, Levyar James was still shot dead by a white police officer. Eric Garner was strangled to death. John Crawford was murdered, just for carrying a toy gun that he intended to purchase, while standing in Walmart. …

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