Best Workplace: Wegmans Food Markets example

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Best Workplace: Wegmans Food Markets

According to Great Place to Work (2016), Wegmans Food Markets is the company with high employee ratings. The staff working there report about positive atmosphere, rewards, communication and management. There are many reasons why people choose Wegmans Food Markets as their working place. Having analyzed the working conditions, it is possible to relate the company to the Adams’ Equity Theory, which was developed in 1963. Discussing an issue of equity and inequity, Adams (1965) reported that people are motivated when they see that their input equals to the output. In other words and relating the Adams’ Equity Theory to the Wegmans Food Markets’ workplace, it is important to see the relation between the working hours and the salary people receive. According to the employees and their feedback about the work in the supermarket, they are free to select the working load. Flexible schedules the company offers allow students and other people apply for part-time jobs, which does not oblige them to have set time. Most companies offer part-time jobs with set working hours. As for Wegmans Food Markets, the company provides people with job on the flexible basis, employees are free to choose the time when they start and the workload they have. Wegmans is a company, which is loyal to scheduling and understands that human opportunities are different and may not coincide with set time table. According to one of the company employees, “I am a full time student... Wegmans was able to help me maintain my hours over the school year and even help me find a store closer to school with an opening in my department” (Wegmans Food Markets, 2016). Therefore, the application of the equity theory allows the staff to gain as much as they have managed to work. Those who work the full time get more advantages than those who work part time due to their workload and output.


Google is the company of dream for many people. Some of the best professionals throughout the world have managed to make the dream reality, while other still remain dreaming about working there. Only the most talented people work here and they receive high compensation for their work. Having analyzed the working environment in the company, it is possible to refer the group formation in Google to the Balance Theory. The main idea of this theory is that people are attracted to each other by means of the same values and attitudes to the work they do (Singh, 2010). Propinquity and affiliation to the work is the main principle, which unites Google Company with the Balance Theory. Only people highly devoted to Google Company and its products and services can work there. Money is not a motivation there, it is not the means for work, it is just the reward for the work done. People come to Google not because of money, but because they adore what they do and they want to contribute …

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