Business Ethics in a Dynamic World example

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Business Ethics in a Dynamic World

Ethical Review of Siemens based on Transforming Experience Framework

This paper reviews the Transforming Experience Framework introduced by Grubb Institute and explores how four domains defined in the Framework are applied in a business environment. For that purpose an international company Siemens is selected and ethical review through the Person, Context, System, and Role domains is conducted. The analysis of the company’s activities focused on Siemens values, purpose, the contexts Siemens works in, relevant ethical issues it encountered and its global connectedness. The research of Siemens activities with regard to business conduct was conducted and ethical issues were discussed.

Keywords: Transforming Experience Framework, Siemens, compliance system

Business Ethics in a Dynamic World

Ethical Review of Siemens based on Transforming Experience Framework

Over many years the topic of ethics in business has been studied and discussed and numerous models and frameworks have been introduced to understand how people take actions and what are underlying contexts and systems which might influence. This paper will focus on Grubb Institute’s Transforming Experience Framework (; Bazalgette, Irvine, & Quine, 2006; Reed, 2001) which was initially introduced several decades ago but was gradually improved and further updated in 2016.

This framework suggests that actions which serve the purpose of the company depend on the roles which are taken. Those roles are enacted from the experience which can be seen from four domains: person, context, system, and role. All domains are interconnected and are influenced by broader life philosophy, which the framework refers to as “experience of connectedness with the source” (Dreachslin, Gilbert, and Malone, 2012).

To explore how this model can be applied in business environment an ethical review of Siemens will be conducted through the four domains of Transforming Experience Framework. Each domain of the framework will be discussed and analyzed with the focus on values and purpose of the company, contexts the company works in, relevant ethical issues, and global connectedness.

Analysis of Siemens through Four Domains

From the moment Siemens was based the company adheres to the principles of honesty, conscientiousness, technical experience, quality, and innovations. Along with sustainable development and responsibility, these values are the cornerstone of the company activities because it is the culture of the company, and these are those values which make the company special.

However, some time ago Siemens was engaged in several scandals which undermined company’s reputation. Afterwards, the significant focus was placed on the compliance system and at the moment Siemens is considered to be one of the most compliant and ethical company worldwide, therefore it was suggested to select it for the review in this paper.

Domain Person and Values and Purpose of the Company

The first domain of Transforming Experience Framework investigates the Person. This domain focuses on values and purposes with the main desire of the person to transform and increase the competence. With regard to Siemens, the main values of the company are Responsibility, Quality, and Innovations.

First of all, the company works with complete responsibility in accordance with ethical principles. It does not only …

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