Business Research and Gender Correlation example

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Business Research and Gender Correlation

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this research is to define whether there is a connection between the gender and the desire to buy certain products and brands. The influence of gender on the preferences in modern technologies
is essential in order to understand the entire market and the possible ways for the promotion of the products and brands in certain groups of people. To be precise it is necessary to understand the correlation between the
gender and the preferences in purchasing of the smartphones. It is also necessary to define whether gender at all has influence and impact on the preferences in a decision related to the preferences in brand and
technological features. In case, if there is no correlation, it is also possible to develop a strategy that is universal for all types of gender.

Research Question

Does the gender actually affect the preferences in smartphones among Millennials? What genders are highly influenced? Is there any correlation between the gender and the preferred brand? By reviewing the results of the
research, it would be possible to say exactly how people relate their gender to the smartphone, and whether they do so. Furthermore, it would be possible to analyze what methods for the promotion among different genders
are effective, or what are the universal methods for different genders.


Hypothesis 1: Indeed, there is a direct correlation between genders and the preferences in technologies and the products. By identifying the connection, it would be possible to review the positive methods for the promotion and sales of the brand among different genders.

Hypothesis 0: There is not any sort of connection between the genders and the possible preferences in the technologies; therefore, there is not any difference between people, gender, and the technological preferences.


In order to conduct the research, it was decided to use the method of an interview, as it guarantees the flexibility, ability to ask a lot of people and to structure the data. The friends on Facebook were a perfect
target group because they spend pretty a lot of spare time online. Therefore, it was possible to cover several people at once in order to find the results and other abilities. Furthermore, the online interviews make it
appropriate and easier for the people involved in the research to analyze the data and systemize it. It also creates a certain technological background that would increase the tools for the manipulation of the data
and to provide the results that precisely describe the situation and give the answers to the question. 110 people were interviewed during the research in order to receive reliable data that could show an informative
and accurate side of the research that …

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