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Business Research Project

Table of Contents


Statement of the problem

The aim and objectives of research project

The rationale of the research

II.Literature review

III.Research methods


V.Discussion and analysis





Statement of the problem

Managing positions involve a lot of responsibility, stress, conflicts and pressure to produce results irrespective of work and life situations. Nowadays managers face a wide range of challenges such as limited budget, reassignment of staff, cost-saving initiatives, lack of free cash flows and other resources, and stringent government policies. The importance of manager, who is able to lead employees and effectively manage challenges and adapt to changing conditions, has become essential for companies’ success and financial strength. As the result, the traits, behavior, personality and mentality of ideal manager is of high interest to researchers, investors and shareholders. Identifying the traits of effective manager and selecting appropriate employees for managing positions has become crucial for companies overall success. Thus, both researchers and practitioners are interested in the studies on personal traits of managers that benefit their high performance. There is a wide range of concepts of ideal manager behavior and traits, as well as studies on relationship of manager’s personality and his/her management styles and decisions.

The aim and objectives of research project

The aim of the research project is to identify whether manager’s personality affect his/her management style. The main objectives of the research project include the following: - identify reasons why different managers adopt different styles;- identify the traits and behaviors that influence manager’s effectiveness and efficiency.

The rationale of the research

In the age of budget limits, cost savings, stringent government oversight policies and increasing unemployment, effective manages are of crucial importance for any company. Effective and high performing manager benefits companies in many ways by both leading the subordinates and making the best available decisions. However, although most companies lack high performing managers, there is no common theory explaining the traits of ideal managers or providing tools of raising ideal managers within organizations. Management style depends on manager’s personality. Therefore, the research studies why different managers have different management styles and identify personal traits and behaviors of the effective manager.

Literature review

The descriptions of a high performing manager differs from company to company and from culture to culture. Companies have different corporate cultures, mission, values and objectives and as the result, companies’ requirements to ideal manager differ from place to place. According to Misumi and Peterson (1985), Japanese companies determine high performance and maintenance orientations, as well as ability to preserve social stability within organization to be the features of ideal manager. According to England and Lee (1974), the traits of the effective managers are pragmatism, dynamics, ability to adapt to changes, attentiveness, and emotional maturity and stability.

Dave and Rastogi (2004) determine effective manager through analysis of three dimensions, which revolves around their job. The dimensions are technical, conceptual and human factors. …

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