Care Management of Older Patient example

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Care Management of Older Patient


There is the growing amount of elderly in the U.S. that face some chronic diseases that influence their mobility and consciousness. In these terms, their health and life may depend on other people that complete their care and supervising. Relatives and medical staff are those who complete care, enable the appropriate environment, and appeal for the required treatment. The medical care staff should realize the special needs of the elderly with the chronic diseases for the special treatment and health monitoring, providing safe environment, and check-ups for preventing the worsening of the condition and increasing the quality of life and its span. Therefore, they are supposed to follow the specific recommendations concerning the environment, communication, medication, and pain treatment for enabling the appropriate appeals to the health issues of their disabled or partly disabled patients.

Care Management of Older Patient

The healthcare services have improved in the United States of America recently. That influenced the increase of the amount of the elderly in the society. Making up together a bigger group, the elderly require the specific medical services and intervention because of the chronic diseases such as Alzheimer, heart and blood pressure problems, and even memory and mind lost. Therefore, the staff that works with the elderly has to react properly to any kinds of the changes in the behavior and prevent any bad outcomes caused by them. Mrs. G.’s CaseThe evaluation and improvement of the medical services and healthcare system may be implemented with the help of the observation of the case studies. Mrs. G.’s Case study demonstrates the absences of the actual appropriate appeal to the needs of the elderly, the absence of the prediction of the outcomes, and the absence of the real appeal to the health problems. Mrs. G. was hospitalized and was at the facility for five days. During all period of her being there, she demonstrated the complications with the sleep and the absence of composure. She cried out the name of her husband, but that was left without any attention from the side of the medical staff. She could not stay still either in her bed or chair. However, this fact was also left without any attention of the medical staff. Taking into account, her other illnesses and chronic diseases, the staff did not pay any attention to the worsening of her condition and the need for the medical intervention. According to the medical notes, the woman had Alzheimer with which she was helped by her husband, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and depression.


According to the case study, Mrs. G. lived with Alzheimer for 5 years and was treated by her husband at home. Taking into account, that people with Alzheimer have some high demands to their environment and need to be familiar either to people or space, the medical staff had to demonstrate far more attention to the adaptation of the woman to the new …

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