Challenges Created by the Usage of Dual-Use Material example

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Challenges Created by the Usage of Dual-Use Material

The policies that regulate the international trade frequently experience changes due to the political tendencies, economic and financial situation in particular countries and the military resources that those countries have. The question of using dual-use material is also an issue of the high importance in the modern world due to the perpetual changes on the international stage, so the challenges that intelligence analysts face when considering the usage of dual-use material are inevitable.

First, due to its specifics, dual-use material can be used for both military and civilian needs. When used by civilians, such technologies tend to provide more good than harm to the world in general. However, they also can be used for the purposes of war even if it was purchased by the country that claimed that there would not be any military application. Thus, such situations bring imbalance to the international relations, which creates the main challenge for the intelligence analysts, as there is no primary guarantee that dual-use materials will be used strictly for the peaceful actions.

Second, the additional challenge is the fact that in modern world a relatively big number of countries has an access to the dual-use materials, and it is impossible to control all of them. Thus, it creates an additional challenge and threat. Last, even international arm-control laws are incapable of regulating the use and production of biological weapons and weapons of massive destruction in certain countries. Thus, it creates the necessity of developing a system that would truly have an impact.

Overall, the trading and use of the dual-use materials create several types of challenges for the intellectual analysts, but the most important of them is the necessity to lower the international treat created by the uncertainty of the intentions of some countries.


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