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Classroom Orientation Assignment

How you implement child guidance in your classroom and reference an article or published strategy?

Child guidance in the Tiger Class is implemented on the basis of Teaching Guides, provided by The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. The guidance consists of instructions of managing the classroom and detailed plans for creating meaningful and engaging experiences every day in classroom. Due to the fact that The Creative Curriculum for Preschool provides individual approaches of teaching monolinguistic and duolinguistic children, it is possible to individualize teaching process. Thus, the strategy of differentiated instruction via learning stations makes learning more effective, relying on the diversity of learning needs. Therefore, the implementation of child guidance in my classroom is conducted regularly on the basis of official recommendations that meet the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and early learning standards for each state.

Cultural awareness is characteristic for teacher’s behavior in the Tiger Class which indicates the implementation of child guidance. For instance, the description of the Tiger Class work states that each month the class has a different cultural theme. Moreover, the children are encouraged to learn about different parts of words, about themselves and their peers. Besides development of cultural awareness in children during the classes, the Tiger Class is aimed at boosting this quality in parents, which results in effective child upbringing in home environment. Particularly, the teachers encourage the parents to participate in cultural potlucks at the end of each cultural theme. The parents need to think of several items for each potluck, and if they cannot contribute to this activity one time, the teachers are loyal enough to allow the parents participate the next time.

Practicing safety drills is another aspect of child guidance during the Tiger Class. According to the description, the drills are aimed at preparing children to emergency cases. Therefore, the Tiger Class practices such safety drills as Earthquake, Fire, and Lockdown Safety (Luz & Nancy, 3). The teachers use special sounds during the practice to enable the children to recognize the drill to which this noise corresponds. Guidance in socialization with peers, problem solving skills, turn talking, and attention maintenance is also provided during the Tiger Classes. Moreover, the teachers guide the children in understanding what healthy and non-healthy choices mean and what responsibility is. Therefore, the teachers prepare the children to real-life situations.

To sum up, child guidance is conducted in accordance with The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and early learning standards for each state. First, the teachers individualize teaching approaches, taking into consideration on whether the child is monolinguistic or duolinguistic. Second, the Tiger Class guides the children in cultural development, both via the direct work with them in class and the work with their parents. Third, the teachers in the Tiger Class give a special attention to teaching the children to act in real life situations, such as emergency cases.


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