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Communications Challenge

Major Facts

In order to address the topic extensively, identify the core problems correctly and develop relevant solutions, it is necessary to highlight the main facts of the case, which include:

Center for Human Services (CHS) is a non-profit organization, which employs three thousand four hundred employees;

CHS has ample budget, which rose to $150 million during the time period of 10 years;

Organization comprises of various non-profit institutions, which continue to operate independently;

CHS operates in various areas, including residential care, pediatric care, day habilitation, day health programs and schools for children who misbehave;

Affiliate institutions face communication problems when they try to comprehend their position within CHS;

The biggest frustration falls on those who provide services to patients with disabilities;

The big proportion of CHS’s staff is presented by non-professional individuals who have English as their second language and do not have direct access to computers or tablets;

The company doubled the size of the staff, upgraded technology and increased printed collateral;

A new internal communication strategy has to be created.


After the major facts of the case were identified, it became obvious that there are several diverted problems, which contribute to the major one. On the organizational level, the company remains fragmented. The fact that the company comprises of various institutions, which remain independent, suggests that there is a weak managing body. It is particularly difficult to manage counterparts, which are not interdependent and interrelated. Thus, it triggers the main problem of CHS – flawed information system. In fact, those departments, which do not understand their role in a more complex system, fail to operate in full extent. They fail to coordinate their efforts towards the common goal and adjust their activity to benefit other departments as well.

In fact, it can be traced in the major workforce of the company, those who are responsible for disabled people. In addition, unprofessionalism of CHS’s workers combined with the fact that they do not have an access to technological assistance is another reason, which adds fuel to the fire.Fragmented state of the company and non-professional nature of the company’s employees are the main causes, which contribute to the damaged information system. Consecutively, if the problem remains unsolved, it may heavily damage the whole company.

Alternative Solutions & Probable Outcomes

With an eye to solve the problem of flawed information system, it is necessary to address the causes of the issue from various perspectives.First, technological ignorance of CHS’s workforce has to be considered as a main cause of the problem and illuminated accordingly. As we are living in highly developed society, where everything is somehow related to advanced technologies, it is essential for every individual to stay in touch with them. In fact, many organizations achieve competitive advantage just by utilizing advanced technologies, which are excessively available. For instance, the recent study connected to competitive advantage in lodging industry suggests that IT-induced competitive advantage is attainable …

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