Comparison of Organized Crime and Terrorist Groups example

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Comparison of Organized Crime and Terrorist Groups

Organized crime is a group of people who are engaged in the illegal business with the purpose of generation of profit by conducting crimes. Generally, the types of organized crimes are:

- Gang criminality,
- Racketeering,
- Syndicated crime.

On the other hand, Terrorist Group is the politically motivated social movement that uses terrorism as an instrument of achievement of its targets. The terrorist groups can be divided into next categories by the
various aims: separatist, ethnocentric, nationalistic, revolutionary, political, religious, social, domestic, international or transnational. At first sight, terrorist group and organized criminal are seemed to be the same concept. However, they have principal distinctions. At first, a main difference between organized crime and the terrorist group is the motivation of its participant. Organized criminal groups generally are created with one purpose: to achieve monetary profit when terrorist organizations always are politically motivated and use terrorism as an instrument of achievement of their pseudo-normal targets.

At second, as it can be seen above, terrorist organizations have more various classifications because of focus of their activity in compare with organized criminals. Certainly, these two illegal institutions can cooperate with each other but they will have different purposes. Organized crime always conducts its activity with the aim to generate profit. Vice versa terroristic group usually has its own ideology that interlaces with their political and religious features. The 20th century has a lot of instances of the transformation of organized crime into a terroristic group such as it was in Russia in 1920th when gang criminality transformed into military wing of Communist party and
conduct terroristic act in a name of high political targets. On the other hand, terrorist groups often are engaged in criminal activity because of their political aims.

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