Criminal Justice Administration: Stillwater Correctional Facility example

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Criminal Justice Administration: Stillwater Correctional Facility

Stillwater Correctional Facility,

970 Pickett Street Bayport, Minnesota 55003-1490

1. A. Who (name and title- often Director or Warden) is the C.E.O.?

B. Is he/she elected or appointed. If appointed, by who and for how long? If elected, how long is the term?

1. A. Warden Eddie Miles is the CEO of the Stillwater (STW).

B. He was appointed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in October 2016 after the previous warden Steve Hammer had been fired for violating several departmental policies, including discrimination and sexual harassment (Stillwater Gazette, 2016).

2. A. Discuss the main function/responsibility of the correctional department or facility?

B. Describe the population’s “classifications” of the inmates. Hint: Is itpre-sentence, post sentence, or both? Male, Female, Juvenile or a combination, if so list percentages.

C. Describe and discuss the security classifications (maximum, medium minimum, etc).

2. A. The main function of the correctional facility relies on providing effective correctional services to ensure security and safety of the facility for offenders, staff and the society. Holding the offenders accountable in the completion of court-ordered sentences is one of the facility’s goals. Finally, the facility aims to change behavior of the offenders by their re-socialization, engagement in planning for discharge and release, and participation in evidence-based programming (Minnesota Department of Corrections, 2014).

B. STW houses post-sentence, adult, male inmates.

C. STW is a state prison with a close custody (level 4). Additionally, it houses a small number of inmates in a facility with a minimum security level (Minnesota Department of Corrections, 2017b). Maximum security level is the close custody level in which inmate classification, as well as construction and design reflect the need to provide maximum supervision of the inmates as well as internal and external control. This level of security is often characterized with the extensive use of internal check point and physical barriers, and the constant and direct supervision of inmates (Mass.Gov, 2017).

3. What is the Mission Statement?

3. STW shares the mission of Minnesota Department of Corrections. This mission is formulated as “Reduce recidivism by promoting offender change through proven strategies during safe and secure incarceration and effective community supervision” (Minnesota Department of Corrections, 2017b).

4. A. What is correctional accreditation?

4. Correctional accreditation is the approval of the facility’s compliance with operational standards designed to improve correctional practices for the benefit of the public, inmates, personnel, and administrators (ACA, 2016).

5. B. Is the agency accredited? If yes, what is the title of the accreditation and since when?

5. B. STW is not accredited by American Correctional Association. The programs provided by the facility are not accredited by APA/CPA as well (APPIC, 2017).

6. List the number (how many) of sworn personnel and the number of civilian personnel.

6. STW is run by more than 500 staff members, including 300 of them being correctional officers (Raddatz, 2014).

7. A. Staff Personnel Diversity- What percent of the personnel in the agency are minorities, give breakdown, if it’s readily available (website)?

B. Inmate Population Diversity- Advise on the inmate populations (percentage or actual …

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