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Criminology and Criminal Behavior

Behavioral change is an elementary aspect of a society. Behavioral changes in society result in the development of various activities that also lead to criminal activities. Criminology primarily aims at solving various criminal cases in society. Criminology focuses on data collection that seeks to facilitate the comprehension of the causes and effects of illegal activities while also providing solutions to such activities. Criminal activities are mainly due to interaction levels in society that result in a change in behavior.

The predisposition to criminal activities differs between individuals due to the level of behavior actions among people. The development of subcultures in society results in the creation of negative behavioral changes that lead to the development of criminal activities as individuals interact in society conclusively, this leads to the development of misguided behaviors (Clinard, Quinney & Wildeman, 2014).

Different theories state how criminal activities develop in a given society. The strain theory argues that crime mainly occurs because individuals fail to acquire the basic needs of life. Thus, they turn to criminal activities as a means of survival. Social learning theory, control theory and social disorganization theory also stipulate change in societal behavior as the main cause of crime in a society.

The most common types of crime exhibited in society include poverty crimes, corporate crimes and violent crimes. These crimes’ results are inimical to the enhancement of international and foreign relationships within a given area. Crimes affect the economic, social and political developmental trajectory of a society (Wortley & Townsley, 2016).

According to the discussion, the government and various responsible agencies should, therefore, ensure the enactment of effective policies and research activities that aim at curbing criminal activities. The government should encourage the development of various courts and arbitration facilities to ensure positive behavioral change and reduction of crime in society.


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