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Critical Reflective Blogs on Organization Behavior

Rewarding Performance

Organization’s success primarily and indirectly depends on a motivated workforce. It as a whole becomes more efficient and effective if the employees are motivated enough to perform at a higher level of productivity. Unmotivated workforce on the other hand can be a negative effect to an organization. Thus, it becomes imperative for the leaders to know the power of the reward systems and how they are help in influencing the behavior of the employees.

Leaders and employers look at lot of different ways to influence and motivate their workforce. It is a fact that basis all the techniques and methods, the remuneration along with the right reward payment system are most widely used in today’s scenario.

Every employee works for a salary. They become a main concern for all. According to Hegewisch ( Breadwell and Holden,1997) that a very visible employment relationship is always the payment package. This shows that rewards are the most effective ways to promote an employee’s best behavior. This also leads to achievement of the company’s goals. Employee motivation thus becomes directly proportional to his or her salary packages. Motivation of employees always results in the success of the organization.

Employees also feel that they get their due rights and get a fair treatment. Bowey and Thrope (1986) quoted, "Since employees came to work to earn money, they would work better if they were given more money for better work."

Performance in relation to rewards mean that rewards are made to fit the performance of an employee. An employer generally uses rewards to dictate the behavior of the employees. This leads to increase the efficiency and affectivity of the organizations. This means that an employee needs to perform to a certain level which results in the set rewards.

Grouping Individuals

An organization is always made of individuals who come to work together to achieve the same organizational goals while keeping their individual goals in mind. An organization cannot ever work with all these people working as different units. They need to be together and align with each other and also with the organizations. They have to work as singular unit.

From an organizational point of view, group behavior and group thinking is paramount. These define the cohesiveness within the origination and also the collaboration while communicating and working.

Putting all employees in one mold is required for more efficiency. This does not mean that all should think and act alike. This will mar the creative thinking and also the innovation within the organization. The principals of individual brilliance should be kept intact.

It becomes imperative for all organizations to inculcate group dynamics and behavior in each of their employees. They must conform to the set rules and norms of the organization. This will lead to unity, consistency and harmony in them.

The flip side of the same can prove to be detrimental as well. When we say group mechanism, it is normally perceived as one thought process. As a result, the decisions taken by the top …

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