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Culture and Engagement

Modern leaders and managers consider the culture of the organization as a powerful strategic tool to target all units and individuals to common goals, mobilize the initiative of employees and facilitate communication between them. They seek to create a specific culture for each organization so that all employees understand and adhere to it as modern organizations usually represent the multicultural environment. Modern organizations, usually represent the multicultural education. In practice each organization bears the features of different types of culture and the task of the researcher, who has taken over the analysis of the organization, is to identify the dominant types and at the same time not to lose sight of developing or at first glance insignificant trends.

However in the attempt to build a strong and effective corporate culture and to increase the employee engagement companies often encounter serious problem. The common issue is that little attention is paid to the problem as its impact is underestimated and the company owners, seeking for a high return on investments rate, do not want to spend much money on long-term initiatives especially when the company is young and much resources are needed for its development (Eccles 3). In this case the policy of the company is mainly concentrated on the performance indicators the value of which can be calculated and the results are measurable neglecting the corporate culture issue as being something ephemeral and thus not significant resulting in future hardships.

The growing company arouses the gap between superiors and employees to be increased. It is difficult to resist such changes for longtime employees as one colleague becomes the boss, the other is still subordinate. Though older employees may discontent, the new employees quickly accept the newly established rules in compliance with a predetermined distance. The current culture is destroyed separating the staff into two parts – the old team and the new one. In this situation it is critical for the CEO to take the appropriate measures for their association. It can be done by simplifying the vertical communication in the company to diminish the abovementioned gap.

A system based on leadership is considered the most durable. After all, this system combines the credibility, visibility and administrative support. A key aspect in the formation of positive socio-psychological atmosphere becomes leadership role. However it can be affected by fast development changes in a rapid growth sector. In this case administrative controls are to be implemented either. With the introduction of penalty system, control over the employee and other intimidating measures. As a result, the company develops in particular conditions where the main place is given to the cult of power. Despite the minimal bureaucracy, this approach involves many factors of emotion and subjectivity in the decision-making process.

On the whole a change in the formation of corporate culture is quite a delicate task that requires a HR-specialist though it does not mean to appoint the only responsible person. The leading role here is always played by the …

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