Customer Care and the Benefits of Good Customer Care example

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Customer Care and the Benefits of Good Customer Care

1) List basic principles associated with good customer care.

There are various principles associated with good customer care. One of them is speed. A customer’s needs should be taken care of as soon as possible. Delayed handling of the customer’s request is a major block in the delivery of good customer service. We also have timeliness which involves commencement of banking business and the opening of counter-services punctually and rendering uninterrupted service during work hours. This an integral aspect of ensuring good customer service.

Accuracy is key. When giving information to the customer, it should be factual and unambiguous. When using acronyms, give clear explanations to the customer. Another principle is courtesy. Courtesy from bank staff is a basic customer expectation. Therefore, it is very important that every customer is extended due courtesies, whether or not the Bank is in a position to meet his/her need.

Lastly, there is communication. Effective communication with customers and personal interaction plays a very big role in developing good customer relations. The bank should welcome opinions and suggestions from customers and accepted /implemented if found to be feasible. (Forrester, 2015)

2) Outline a company’s customer care policy


The success of any service-oriented institution largely depends on the quality of service offered to customers. Customer service takes center stage in the Banking Industry as it is inclined to meet financial as well as non-financial needs of the society.

Aims and Objectives.

The company outlines its mission and vision e.g. Delighting customers with excellent service while touching people’s lives and expanding our cooperate space. Continue to act transparently, ethically and in a responsible manner in all its endeavors.

Customer care principles

The Company lists the basic principles upheld in their provision of customer service i.e. speed, accuracy, etc.

To outline customer service policies that are specific to the bank or as stipulated by local and international banking codes. These policies may include fair lending practices, Cheque collection and deposit policies and Customer compensation policies.


This part of the document includes contact information and the bank’s Customer Service mission statement to reassure the customer of the safety and security of every interaction. (James, 2012)

3) Explain the benefits of an organization having customer service standards.

It is a valuable training resource. When the bank has written customer service standards, it not only helps in having the quality of service high but uniform in all the departments. This enables incoming employees able to get into the right attitude, knowing what to do in certain specific situations involving customers, with minimal training as they are clearly outlined and implemented across the institution.

They can be used for marketing. Whether in print or web form, customer service standards can be a valuable source of marketing material. They let customers know what kind of service they can expect hence provides an easy platform for feedback that helps the bank continue to improve the service they provide and …

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