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Delegating Responsibility

Delegating responsibility is the best way to prepare employees for leadership (Holden Leadership Center, 2009). The veracity of this assertion is examined in the context of John’s Deals to Go. John Smithers, the founder, integrated his military experience into running a small automobile-leasing company.

The company has been successfully operating in the market for some time, and this allows concluding that defining jobs loosely can be as effective as monitoring performance closely. Delegating responsibility involves benefits for both a supervisor and subordinates. The former is able to efficiently use time, and achieve more through increasing his credibility as a leader (NC State University). The latter get opportunities for professional development, flexibility, and balanced workload. While delegating responsibility to his employees, John Smithers and his team can leave for day-long meetings, without worrying that the work would stop or would not be performed properly.Moreover, loose definition of jobs is suggested to impact employees’ morale. When facing with the confidence of management, employees feel their work and initiative are respected. The atmosphere of confidence and trust is required to motivate and retain employees.

Although delegating responsibility is associated with many advantages, it also involves a range of limitations. Experts at Management Study Guide (2015) note, that accurate planning of responsibility minimizes uncertainty and facilitates coordination. A close supervision of performance allows avoiding a situation where nobody is responsible for nothing.

Notwithstanding the loose definition of the job has some limitations, I would like to work for John’s Deals to Go. The company provides greater autonomy for its employees, and they know their initiative is respected. It is more pleasant than feeling oneself a small cog in a big system.


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