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Description of the Cultural Experience

They say, trip is meant to change a person completely, and the further the destination is, the deeper the goal of a trip is, the more significant the change. Journey to Ham Tin village in the far East of Hong Kong became this changing point to me. I was lucky to be a part of a group, who made journey to Ham Tin with a goal of taking part in the life of the village and offer our help in whichever area the villagers require our help at. It is impossible not to admire the nature – truly outstanding colours, pure nature, and endless recreation possibilities. Perhaps, it was the reason why Ham Tin changed their accustomed way of living from fishermen and farmers to a touristic place. It is understandable, with the globalization process youth tent to leave their small home town and villages for large cities in search of jobs, and those, who remain, are trying to use their natural location and possibilities to make leaving. I was a bit disappointed though. My imagination drew a truly rural area, with old fashioned farmers, with their strange equipment, the meaning of which I could learn later on. I imagined a conversation with elders, who would tell the story of the village, and me, trying to understand what elders would tell me in their language. The language was one of the issues I was concerned about the most, since in my understanding we were supposed to find the way how to communicate with the villagers. Instead, a common touristic place, although with astonishingly beautiful nature, have met us with what every touristic place has: hotels, tours, services. People were nice, however they still treated us like any locals would treat tourists – trying to assist and show the best part of the village.

We assessed what should be done in the first place, since our initial goal was to help the villages with whatever they need our help at. The best option was brain storming, since our resources were limited, we decided to break down in focus groups and along with the villages define the most urgent needs the village has. From our perspective, improvement of the infrastructure would definitely improve the life of the villages, so an idea of rebuilding a bridge came out from a couple members of the groups. However we faced a rejection, based on the fact, that is was not quite legal on governmental land, and that the villages seemed not to need it in general. After facing a fair criticism, we realized this idea was rather selfish and in fact reflected our need, rather than the need of the villagers. The team decided to chance the tactic and to base our plan on the villagers’ requirements. It was quite predictable to have them ask us to improve general look of the village, supply with informational sources and implement already collected material …

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