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Developmental Assessment

1. The process of supervising everyone involved in early care and education settings is very important because it helps to ensure that teachers, volunteers, and staff have the required expertise in order to provide effective early childhood development. The first supervisory development exercise has helped me to understand the role that a particular developmental stage plays in the process of individualized mentoring and supervision. It was surprising to me that a more developed individual has a higher ability to accept supervision and is more comfortable with authority. My opinion was that more developed individuals are able to be completely independent in the process of making decisions. However, supervisory helps to ensure more effective segregation of duties and as a result of this teachers, volunteers, and staff are able to provide better outcomes and work very effectively. I have learned that I am quite comfortable with authority and can be more objective when it comes to the process of discussing problems.

The second and the third exercises have helped me to learn that the process of working with diverse adult populations is not challenging for me because of supervision and the ability to communicate effectively. However, when it comes to using adult supervision and mentoring tools I am quite disappointed because of its diversity. I also was surprised that the diversity of these tools are able to ensure effective and clear interaction and communication with no muss.

2. The exercises and reading in the text help to become aware of the developmental stage a particular person is in. I think it is very important to understand this in order to be able to work on the development of the required skills further and provide better professional outcomes. Currently, I am in the extending phase. This fact that I am in this phase does not surprise me because I devote a considerable amount of time to develop my skills. The extending phase can be characterized by the ability to work effectively under the supervision and communicate clear ideas and insights (Caruso, 2015). However, it is also associated with uncertainty or fluctuation when it comes to accepting leadership (Caruso, 2015). This can be defined as the main disadvantage of this phase because leadership plays a fundamental role in any business process so that without accepting leadership it is impossible to be as effective as possible. Moreover, high expectations for self that the second phase includes can lead to such problem as a disappointment. In its turn, disappointment can decrease the level of motivation and lead to further development of fluctuation. Despite these facts, my competency has increased dramatically and my developmental stage will continue to improve.

3. After the identification of the phase of development, I am currently in it is possible to understand what I need from a supervisor at this time. First of all, it is important to accept the fact that supervision is required for ensuring the effectiveness of early childhood development. That is why …

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