Diabetes is Far Worse for African Americans example

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Diabetes is Far Worse for African Americans

In the United States, it has been estimated that about 26 million people are living with diabetes, and about 79 million people are considered to be pre-diabetic. Using these statistics, it means that about one-third of the country’s population is affected by this disease. It has also been deduced from statistics that 50% to 100% of African Americans are more likely to suffer from diabetes than Whites. There is also evidence that shows that diabetes precursors are more likely to be found among African American than the White children. According to a statistical report that was released by CDC in 2014, it showed that African American men were more likely to suffer from Type-2 diabetes than African American women. In their statistical report, it shows that 9.9 men per 100 were likely to be diagnosed with diabetes in relation to women who it was found that 9.0 women per 100 were likely to be diagnosed with diabetes (Alcena 45).

The following are the risk factors that are associated with diabetes i.e. genetics of an individual, medical history which include:

impaired glucose tolerance, gestational diabetes, hyper-insulinemia, obesity, and insulin resistance.

The other risk factor that is associated with this disease is the lifestyle risk factors that can affect people such as physical inactivity of people. In most cases, when an individual ( African American) has been diagnosed with this disease, upon looking at the medical history of the patient, in terms of his or her family history, it has been found that some members of his or her family had earlier on been diagnosed with the disease. This means that diabetes is a genetic disease. In type 2 diabetes, scientific researchers have found some genes that usually determine the insulin secretion and its resistance. It has been widely believed that for African Americans, some of them inherited the ‘thrifty gene,’ from their ancestors.

This gene ensured that the Africans were able to use food energy in a more efficient way when the food was scarce i.e. during famine periods. Although the gene was efficient in ensuring people survived during hard times (when food was scarce), as this is a rare occasion today, especially in America, this gene makes a person increase his or her likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes (Brown-Riggs 37).There are different medical risk factors that increase the likelihood of an individual from developing type 2 diabetes. For some people, their blood glucose level increases after they have taken a meal, a condition known as impaired glucose intolerance. People with IGT have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes than people who have normal glucose tolerance. It has also been determined that people who have higher than normal levels of insulin i.e. hyperinsulinemia have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This condition has been known to predate diabetes by several years. Also, when one is overweight, …

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