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Didactic Statement

The pieces of art under consideration, including The Holy Family with a Bird, Farm Family I, and Children in a Garden (The Nurse) found at one of the exhibitions in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston are united by the same didactic approach, reflected in the theme of family and relationship of its members that is viewed by the artists from different perspectives.

The painting Children in a Garden (The Nurse) drawn by a French artist Mary Cassatt in 1878 and located in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (hereinafter referred to as MFAH) renders children and a woman doing home chores (Mfah.Org N.p.). The piece of art is impacted by the Impressionist techniques, i.e. frequent dabs of the natural color of paint. The nurse is knitting while one of her charges sleeps in a carriage and another plays. This work is frequently analyzed in terms of didacticism, as it helps in studying of family and servants, as well as their private lives. During the analysis of the picture is it possible to define the relationship of a woman to children who sits calmly and seems to be concerned with her knitting, though keeps the situation under control. I have chosen this painting because it provides the viewers with the insight into the life of rich people of the end of 19th century, and thus serves as an example of a didactic piece of art, broadening the realm of the audience’s knowledge.

The piece of art under the title The Holy Family with a Bird created by the French artist Simon Vouet in 1633 purchased and located in the MFAH also belongs to the topic of family and the relationship of its members by depicting the Holy family (Mfah.Org N.p.). The tenderness and tranquillity are the core features that the etching under consideration conveys. Didacticism of the piece of art under analysis lies in the relationship and responsibilities of the mother, father while caring for their child. The kid id depicted in the woman’s arms, while her husband is trying to entertain the baby by showing it a bird examined by the mother who makes sure that it cannot bring any harm to her child. I have chosen this etching because it reflects much care, love, and warmth, as well as contains didactic elements useful for the audience.

The last painting chosen by me for the analysis entitled Farm Family I created by the Canadian artist Rob Maclnnis in 2006 renders animals on the farm (Mfah.Org N.p.). The photographer breaks the stereotype that the letters are human possessions and portrays them from a binary oppositional perspective, i.e. as independent living beings who should not be abused and employed by people. This piece of art makes think of animals in a different way that is not peculiar to the majority of people. Although is it challenging for a photographer to render “animal culture”, as people are distanced from it, Rob Maclnnis managed to catch the animal’s …

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