Ecotopia: Living in Plastic Tubes example

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Ecotopia: Living in Plastic Tubes

Ernest Callenbach`s concept of living in plastic tubing is very promising from the sustainability standpoint, however I think it is unlikely, that it has the potential to be implemented in our society.

According to United Nations (United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, 2014) in 2014, 54% of the worlds population lived in the urban environment. In 1950 this number was around 30%. The predicted percentage of people living in the cities by 2060 is around 66%. General trends towards urbanization and centralization appear as the main disadvantage for plastic tubing homes implementation in our society. The extreme density of modern cities makes it extremely expensive to use land in such a wasteful manner. The need to accommodate large numbers of people in limited environments is a major argument against the concept. And in the same time, the system is looking extremely promising for the countryside and remote locations. And has major advantages when applied in those environments. But with trends facing towards urbanization it is difficult to imagine future cities with the wide spread of the plastic-tube houses.

Also, one of the weak points of the list is the fact that the tubing is produced from plastic. Even though it is described as a unique, ecological and extremely rigid type of plastic, it doesn’t seem “secure” enough for most of the people. We are used to the concept of home being our fortress. Where the walls are thick and neighbors are as far away as you can get them.

The similar views are shared by one of the characters from the book . Marissa is showing an opinion of dissatisfaction with the very concept of living in something that is not emerged by the nature. As opposed to wood. The environment seems to her as artificial and low-standard. And that is exactly what can happen in the general public. Even though the standards of living differ from country to country, in most of the western world, people`s vision of home is concentrated around comfort. Living space is viewed as an expression of oneself. Style, location, size and design are telling us a lot about the person. And even though a lot of the things I mentioned are present in the concept. When it comes to customization abilities. But a certain feeling of mass production and greyness is present, even when we look on the boxes around us, that sometimes appear in the urban environment. This idea seems to take it even further.

Another important aspect of the concept is price. This solution is likely to reduce the cost of living dramatically for the masses. And this could potentially be beneficial in terms of issues that we have discussed during the revision of the paper on Political Economy of Work and Health in Silicon Valley (Pellow). Reduced price can put underpaid employees in better conditions, however in my opinion it is not the right way to go. I thing that cooperation …

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