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Education Discussion

First Response

There is a big compassion in higher education that empowers students to be able to integrate what they experience in the materials that are theoretical and are being taught in the university. The compassion helps the students to cultivate and develop attention, increase their understanding, enable greater connection to and compassion for other students and stimulate explorations into their most thoughtful questions (Cultivating Humanity, 13).

Wollstonecraft says “...for judgment can only be acquired by reflection, affection by the discharge of duties, and humanity by the exercise of compassion to every living creature"(Wollstonecraft, Hints, and Sylvana, 176). This quote implies that compassion can be got in the University by engaging students in various activities. , "My own sex, I hope will excuse me, if I treat them like rational creatures, instead of flattering their fascinating graces, and viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, unable to stand alone". Zan’s reply The idea of Zan in the style of a person can be improved by considering a common setting where all students from various social classes are taught in one classroom. The gender, learning style and economic status of a person should not be a challenge in administering college education. They should be educated together, and proper learning style be implemented. “The necessity of establishing proper day-schools rather than attending boarding schools” is Wollstonecraft’s idea that will enable students to get focused as there will be fewer destructions (Wollstonecraft, Hints, and Sylvana, 178).

Students should preserve their national virtues to realize best results. "Humanity to animals, should be particularly inculcated as a part of national educations" in an attempt to preserve "our national virtues." Andrew Delbanco and Martha Nussbaum brings on what college was, is at the moment and what should be in the future (Delbanco, 36).

Second Response

Peer counseling should be improved so much to enable students to exchange ideas as students joining the college for the first time leave their parents something they are not used to. “The children were nevertheless allowed to spend a great part of their time, on terms of equality, with other children..."(Wollstonecraft, Hints, and Sylvana, 178). This quote explains why students should be given a lot of opportunities to mingle with their counterparts as peers can be able to offer advice to one of their members when a challenge is faced. "I should, in fact, be adverse to boarding schools, if it were for no other reason than the unsettled state of mind which the expectations of the vacations produce." The college should develop peer groups because it has proven to be important in explaining various concepts that were not understood properly.

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