Effective Type of Correctional Rehabilitation Research example

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Effective Type of Correctional Rehabilitation Research

Sheldon B. Peize, Edward B. Lewis, Robert W. Scollon. (1956) Correctional Rehabilitation as a Function of Interpersonal Relations. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Volume 46

I. Question: The main purpose of this paper is to define the sense of correctional rehabilitation and identify the reasonable and effective type of it.

II. Design: The current research concludes the comparing of main types of correctional rehabilitation with the purpose of defining the most effective of it.

III. Discussion : Generally, the main types of the correctional rehabilitation are: spiritual, educational, work programs and transitional programs. The first three types of correctional rehabilitation are preceded inside the prison when the individuals do not change the outer world. Staying in familiar conditions, persons do not change their behavior, that affects results of the correctional rehabilitation. However, the transitional programs occur individuals in the civil world and this fact influences the results of rehabilitation.

IV. Generalization: To summarize, it is possible to state that transitional programs are the most effective type of the correctional rehabilitation. Consequently, this fact can be a result of the key factor of changing the environment of the prisoner. The new outer world, new rules and laws of existence change his behavior and In addition, new interpersonal relationships installed in the perception of individual and it displays on his behavior. The quote of Sheldon B. Peize supports this idea: It is a common opinion among authors that correctional
rehabilitation is achieved as a function of interpersonal …

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