English Language Assignment: Fix these Sentences example

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English Language Assignment: Fix these Sentences

Part 1

My brother and sister-in-law do not have much of a social life, for their jobs are very demanding.

On most days, I had only enough money for a coffee; a sandwich was a luxury I could not afford.

Angela’s thesis is a good one, but her overall paper organization needs work.

The house was not worth selling, for the cost to bring it up to code would exceed any profit.

Kortney was confuse about the assignment. She got halfway through it before she realized she had done most of the problems wrong.

When I arrived at the community garden, I was immediately put to work sorting tomato seedlings, but my neighbor worked on preparing the earth.

Dante was growing more worried by the second. Time seemed to creep by as he waited at the dare bus stop.

When I was young, the saying “Crime does not pay” was believable, but today criminals laugh at the situation.

A tornado is a violent whirling wind. It produces a funnel-shaped cloud and moves over land causing a path of destruction.

The volunteers worked hard to rescue survivors and restore order after the tornado; as a matter of fact, they did not sleep for the first few days of the emergency.

My brother and sister-in-law do not have much of a social life, for their jobs are very demanding.

I didn’t trust him, for he had lied before.

For the first time in his life, John had time to waste; he could spend a whole day watching movies, or just playing games on his iPhone.

Part 2

A fragment is an incomplete sentence, sometimes missing a subject or a verb.

Some fragments seem to be complete sentences because the phrase or dependent clause seems to be the length of a complete sentence.

To correct a sentence fragment, use a period or a comma.

Sentences can be made clearer and more effective if one uses certain writing techniques, such as slotting and expanding.

Slotting is a sentence development technique that involves substituting more precise words for broader terms.

To create clearer and more precise word pictures, and to compose more effective sentences, writers use expanding techniques.

Many sentence problems result from confusion surrounding verbs; the confusion being associated with the identification of a verb part for a complete verb.

A sentence fragment is often easily corrected, but an uncorrected one is considered as a major grammatical …

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