Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World example

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Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World


Definition of Stakeholder

A stakeholder is an individual who ensures smooth running of operations within an organizational framework. They streamline managerial activities and keep the pace of the objectives within any organization to help realize maximum output. Ultimately, stakeholders determine the essence of any organization and helps maximize on the output and secures the future of an organization. In this research paper, management of WECAREHealth (WCH) pharmaceutical company inclusive of its organizational structure alongside legal jurisdiction gets scored and vividly explained.

Key features of Stakeholders

Some of the fundamentals lying within the dispensation of stakeholders include the following

Ability to understand easily and get more proactive to help in fast tracking management issues and streamlining operations within the company. That ensure the company keeps at pace with bets management policies and gets sustained (Shield,2016).

The will and ability to properly organize and ensure human resourcing gets done effectively. Through the senior management team, qualified labor input gets into place, workmanship gets enhanced and the general productivity shoots.

Basically, stakeholders through consumers also helps in rebranding production and ensures both quality and quantity gets improved for increased sales hence heightened profit markups and margins (Steenkamp,2017).

Stakeholders like the government gets characterized by its imperative measures to help secure a safe and more productive economic environment through tax exemptions and increased subsidy to enable lower the cost of production of pharmaceutical substances.

Stakeholders and the ‘Stake’ they Hold

Leading stakeholders in the company include governmental intervention, they hold a big share market within the company since they are big financers of the equities within the company. Alongside that, others also include the common households owning the product quality management since they take the front line to check production and ensures quality outcome. In the long run, they determine the level of sales volume and help in market promotion (Shield,2016). Other stakeholders include the senior management that stake high with regards to profit realization since they take the lead to ensure staffing gets effectively managed and propagated. Among others also include environmental effects as stakeholders since they affect competition, hence they determine by far the degree of marketability and sales of the products of the company.

Legal Human Rights Issues

The Three Legal Issues of Human Rights

Includes the right to safe drug manufacture and dispensation, free from false product promotion through advertisement and favorable pricing and sales prices devoid of overcharging.

The Treatment of the Colberia’s Indigenous Population Versus that of its Executives

The treatment involves poorly structured organizational framework that fails to allow the company engage fairly with the demographical setup. That kills active participation of the public and reduces chances of improved service delivery. In the long run, production goes down in terms of both quality and quantity with reference to the taste and preference of the households. Its executive on the other hand, manages to manage through the entire performance contract exercise to ensure management …

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