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Exploration of Sexual Response and Arousal

Both man and women sexual response and arousal are natural instincts which have formed over thousands years ago by evolution. The main task of these instincts is to help humanity to produce other people, to continue people generation.

Human sexuality is not just a part or form of physical contact between humans. According to Greenberg (2007) “it is an important part of human personality, which involves the interrelationship of biological, psychological and socio-cultural dimensions.“The biological dimension means that the understanding of human sexuality and basic principles of our bodies’ sexual mechanisms are totally biological. If we understand our sexuality and these principles well, then we are totally responsible for our sexual health. According to Fisher (1992) cultural and historical aspects of sexuality are minor; the major aspect of sexuality is biological.The physiological dimension appeared from main idea that sexuality is totally physical activity, so it involves psychology. The major psychological factor of sexuality is body image. A positive body image brings us the feeling of total wellness and a negative body image leads us to psychological problems, like drug abuse or other psychological diseases (bulimia, anorexia etc.)

The socio-cultural dimension appeared from proposal that biological and psychological components of sexuality are affected by local culture and society. So the socio-cultural dimension of sexuality is a sum of social and cultural influences to our sexual life. People acquire and copy other people’s skills and behavior for all our life. Also all beliefs of “wrong and dirty” words and main basics of sexual behavior are brought from society, where we live.


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