Fargo: The Portrayal of the Cycle of Life and Death example

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Fargo: The Portrayal of the Cycle of Life and Death

The unusual and intelligent movie Fargo appeared back in 1996, but even now it evokes interest among people and makes the process of watching it entertaining. It has the elements of the dark comedy and of drama, with
complicated characters and topics that never lose their relevance, such as the cycle of life and death and human greed. Through its vivid imagery, Fargo makes me think of the inevitability of death and of the darkest sides
of human nature.

The plot develops during the biting, cold winter, with its timeless snowscapes and their unapproachable, frozen beauty. Watching how people with their primitive ambitions and their malicious, greedy actions tried to
fight was almost funny to me in this context, because they looked like small, mortal insects in comparison with the merciless, eternal nature. The events of the movie include several people dying, murdered because one of
the protagonists, the sales manager Jerry, wants to earn more money. His plan to kidnap his own wife seemed hilarious to me at first, but then I felt the insipidness and vulgarity of it, seeing its deadly consequences.

The police officer named Marge investigates the deaths, and she is heavily pregnant, which creates an interesting contrast. Whenever I saw her, I was reminded that soon her child was going to be born, and the realization that some people's lives end and other lives begin intensified. It was a great portrayal of the cycle of life and death, a good reminder that people are fragile and mortal.

Fargo is an example of how human greed can accelerate the process of dying, despite death being inevitable as it is. The beautiful, intimidating snowscapes never change, and they are the silent witnesses of the insipid
crimes people commit, desperate for money and respect, forgetting about their souls and their mortality. The pregnancy of one of the protagonists and the deaths that another protagonist caused intertwine, demonstrating
the eternal cycle of life and death.

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