Federalist 10 and 51 Papers Discussion example

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Federalist 10 and 51 Papers Discussion

The main question is how Madison’s views on majoritarian rule and checks and balances did influence the creation of our major political institution. Madison’s goals were to gain stability within political factions in order to avoid the legislative tyranny of on majority over other minorities (Raphael). He did not believe in the existence of one common good: political institutions should be built in order to guarantee hundreds of different goods, rights, and liberties.

The existence of factions within major parties and their independence allows ensuring Madison’s views on pluralism as superior value (Raphael). Сongress and the Supreme Court are independent of each other nowadays. The authorities of three branches of power are also overlapping now (as Madison has imagined it). The president can veto laws, and the courts may declare an act of Congress as an illegal if it is contrary to the constitution. Judicial power is constrained by the presidential appointment and the authority of Congress to make appointments to the judiciary. Congress restrains president’s right to ratify the appointment to the executive authorities, as well as holding back the other two authorities of their right to appropriate money.

The Process of Political Socialization in Children

The family, peers, and teachers are the primary sources of political socialization for children. They begin to pose questions regarding police, president, soldiers or other visible part of politics in the childhood. The matter whether a child will become an authoritarian or democratic person, an active or passive citizen depends on that sources (or agents of political socialization). The family is the most important part of political socialization for children because they could influence them even unconsciously during the process of a general upbringing. Peers are also the source of such a socialization for each other, and they always discuss who the president is or what the Motherland is, in the scope of interpersonal communication or school events, and thereby they influence each other.

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