Foreign Aid As a Neocolonial Way of Exploitation example

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Foreign Aid As a Neocolonial Way of Exploitation.


Over the years, staggering amounts of money were spend on “foreign aid” and “development” yet the poor countries still remain poor. The aid in the form it exists now is harmful for the local economy. It ruins small businesses, saturates the local market with foreign-made goods, destroys people's motivation to be self-sustaining and successful. Yet, at the same time, many companies and people profit from the “aid” but not in the developing countries but in the rich countries that provide it, from grants, subsides, government contracts and profitable tax free employment. It is obvious that the aid is not any aid, it just a new way to exploit former colonies all over the world, making them poorer and rich donor countries richer. The way to solve this problem is not to reorganize the exploitative aid model but to open the world market for the poor countries and stop all the
aid making an exception for the natural disasters and war relief.


After the WW2 ended and Europe lay in ruins, a plan to help and rebuilt the areas devastated by war named after the US Secretary of State George Marshall “Marshall plan” was developed and put into execution in 1948.
Though the plan itself had many critics, blaming it for subsidizing the failing system and pointing out that the economic recovery of Europe was already underway when it began, it is still considered to be a major
economic success. So the US and later other wealthy countries decided to use this new aid model when dealing with the developing countries, which became independent from the colonial rule after the WW2. They started
providing them with foreign aid, called “development assistance”. But nowadays, so many years later, these countries are still poor and still receive aid and “assistance,” why?

I didn't have any personal experience with aid, NGOs or developing countries, but apparently, the “aid” sent to the poor countries is not aid all: it ruins local small businesses and has no lasting effects. After genocide in Rwanda, a church in Atlanta, USA, started sending eggs to a small community just outside of Kigali. It put a local egg farm out of business, and the next year, when the church decided to concentrate on another project, left the community without any eggs at all. The subsidized rice sent to Haiti from the US ruined local farmers, who moved to the capital to live in slams working random jobs. Jean-Ronel Noel who opened Enersa Haiti …

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