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Gubernatorial Campaign


As we face fiscal, economic challenges, and other predicaments, we need a responsible leader who will rebuild fiscal accountability and help resolve the problems affecting people. Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller is that leader. She has risen to the high scales of success through hard work and working smart. She was born and raised in West Texas on a ranch. She is the granddaughter of the former Texas governor Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson. She is divorced and has two grown children. She is a smart woman who started her software company in Dallas and sold it to Dell in 2014 for $2.5 million.

Bitzi is a collaborative leader. She does not approve doing thing by herself. Rather, she sees herself as a stage setter and allows for creativity and individual ideas to work out since she understands that most problems are too complex to be solved by one person. She works great with other people and is always open to opposing ideas and arguments.

Cultural and Regional Support

Texas political culture is a combination of individualistic and traditionalistic elements. Bitzi’s conservative campaign agenda on issues like abortion will surely attract the votes from the traditionalistic. However, she needs to get the backing of at least one of the powerful families so as to strengthen her position. The number turnout is, however, low in such areas and we do not expect a lot of votes in the end.

Her low income and low budget agenda will attract the individualist. The individualist, however, also tend to have low participation in politics just like the traditionalist. This may have little effect on the voting numbers.

Demographic Support

The Democratic Party has an advantage with women. Hence, Jane has to be vigorous with campaigns targeting women. However, they are some women who will vote for Jane for gender reasons; that is by voting her in, they are empowering one of their own. This is a plus for the campaign team.

Her agenda on education reforms and fairness are likely to attract the Hispanic and African-American population. Both these races have a higher likelihood of poverty, lower educational achievement, and discrimination. Bitzi’s policies aim at addressing their issues, and there is a higher chance that they will vote for her. Though she expects most of the Texas to support her because of her good policies, she must also be prepared to lose some of her votes to the loyal block that consist of African-Americans.

The unemployed are likely to vote for Jane. It is because she has an impeccable record of creating job opportunities for people through her businesses. They will vote for her because they believe she will create more jobs and improve their wage. Furthermore, she will have the support of high-income earners. Statistically, it is shown that individual earning over $50,000 annually is likely to be a Republican. By being Republicans, they are likely to vote for Jane (Democrats, 2015).The old voters, over …

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