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Gun Control

The topic of gun control is an interesting issue that attracts much attention of the U.S. citizens. As for me, I am interested in this topic for a number of reasons. First of all, I think that this problem is one of the most debatable in today’s society. Regulation concerning weapons-bearing is different across the world, and tracing these differences is interesting to me. More than that, I have my own solid position regarding this issue, unlike many other questions that are more ambiguous and complicated to me. One more reason for which this topic attracts me is my keen interest in research. Since the topic causes numerous debates, it needs careful examination and taking into account different points of view. The last but not the least, I am interested in the issue of gun control, because one of my relatives lives in Boston, where the criminal situation is a major problem.

Other people should be interested in the topic of gun control, because possible tremendous changes in the policies concerning this issue would influence everyone and everywhere. In this connection, it is significant to observe current discussions about this question and to watch, listen, and read the news on this topic. Besides, there are many people that do not have their own viewpoints about the issue. As a result, a general public opinion is not formed yet. Therefore, people should be involved in the issue of gun control in a more active way, in order to hear others and to be heard. Apart from this, the topic refers to one of the people’s rights and is a controversial issue. As a rule, people have keen senses towards major social issues, especially when their rights are violated. The topic of gun control can cause different reactions of people – that is why they should be interested in it.

The government should have fewer laws on gun control, because the crime situation in a number of states in the USA becomes worse every day. Under these circumstances, it is crucial for every U.S. citizen to be able to defend himself/herself. From my point of view, one of the most easiest and effective way to realize this right is to reduce control on guns. When there are many criminals and people who are psychologically disturbed, mentally ill, or simply aggressive, other individuals often face considerable difficulties with the ways of defense. In other words, the overwhelming majority of citizens are at a constant risk of becoming a victim of criminals. Defense is a notion that is usually referred to a country; however, people should be protected at a personal level too. Consequently, the government should increase people’s defense by having less control on guns.

One more reason, for which there should be fewer laws on gun control, is that controlling weapons causes violations and evading laws. The more regulation is implemented into the issue of weapons-bearing, the more attempts criminals undertake to possess guns that are eventually …

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