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Hardware Requirements

Widget Wonders seeks for hardware updates for its structural departments, such as sales, manufacturing, inventory control, research and development (R&D) and management information systems (MIS). Sales department seeks for hardware components required for effective presentation of company products, while manufacturing department is focused over word processing and spreadsheet distribution for widget proposal development.

Inventory control is focused over product maintenance through database monitoring, while R&D would require stronger operating capacities for CAD and graphics attachment utilization. MIS, on the top, is focused over appropriate information management.It is recommended that sales department could use tablet PCs based on Microsoft architecture. They require presenting company products in conditions of immediate reaction, where the availability of characteristics combined with live presentations should attract required client attention. Manufacturing department would be focused over data management, thus in both short and long term it will require personal computers of an average computing power configuration, sufficient for processing data-related requests compatible with upcoming Windows 10 software components. Inventory control specialist would require additional mobility, thus equipping this personnel with small-sized laptops capable to integrate with customized ERP-like applications is a viable solution. R&D department would need to work with resource-consuming applications, thus discrete video cards accompanied with multi-core processors would be required for the comprehensive product delivery.

Finally, MIS representatives would feel comfortable utilizing PCs equipped with similar hardware components as R&Ds excluding costly video cards and RAM, replaced with integrated alteratives. Printers should be supplied to all personnel, but with a limited security notion defined by local IT department representative. Configuration suggested within the scope of this memo is primarily oriented towards the computing power and attained business productivity. In three years, it is unlikely to face the universal development of other communication devices, thus companies should focus over utilization of current technology proven by its productivity in tested business …

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