Health Policy and Role of Policy in Healthcare Delivery example

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Health Policy and Role of Policy in Healthcare Delivery


For a long time now, the tussles about healthcare and its provision have been overlooked and the shift towards policies to try make it both accessible and feasible to those who traditionally cannot afford it has reopened the big debate. In this paper, a soberer approach is taken concerning health policy and how it can be used to not only improve the delivery but also make it cheaper.

The question of insurance in health and whether or not the uninsured persons create a cost-shifting consequence as argued out in the case between the Department of Health and Human Services and Florida et al. (AHA-AMICI Brief, 2016) is also of importance in the look at health policy. There is a fair demonstration of changing trends that need be observed if the ultimate goal of a high-quality affordable healthcare system is to be achieved. Concerted efforts by both policy-makers and the implementing team within the healthcare cadre and beyond need to be put for the people’s good.


Health policy incorporates all plans, choices and actions that are undertaken to achieve desired health care goals within a healthcare system. It is intended to enable a roadmap to be established for plans, visions and the vital role of defining the roles of every player in the health sector (Gilson, L et al; 2011). More times than not policy in health is thought from the public health aspect but it is worth noting that its arms extend to personal healthcare, financing (insurance of health comes in), access, delivery and health equity.

Sound strategies are by far the most important aspect if attempts have to be made to improve the health care of any society. This also means there is resounding need for collaboration between the legal frameworks, key health players and the supporting structures including infrastructure and services such as insurance.

A practical example of how health policy can influence the delivery of healthcare to all persons is as seen in the case between the Department of Health and Human Services and Florida & Private Petitioners heard in the Supreme Court of the United States. The question of whether the uninsured in a healthcare system create the so-called ‘cost-shifting consequence’ and the effect on interstate commerce was well tackled then. Arguments even arose concerning the role of the congress that makes laws, whether it could mandate the purchase of insurance. That the majority of the burden is borne by hospitals, health systems, doctors and even other patients is no secret (Kaiser, J; 2008) This is just but one instance where policy that has been brought in to try ‘cure' an ailing sector has been met with a lot of backlashes. Such is expected whenever new things are brought up. Giving up on sound policy will, however, make things worse.

The plans to curtail this will include first, to raise political consciousness and awareness. …

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