"How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman" Film Discussion example

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How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman

The love between two persons always has been inspired and encouraged people as well as the attracted attention of artists and filmmakers. However, the manner in which they express or describe this feeling varies and takes different forms and types. The few types of them that will be presented in the current essay are “love myth” and colonial love. The love that arose between Indian woman and French man in the film How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman is not a typical one; it has no preludes, romantic atmosphere or any other details that provoke people to fall in love. On the contrary, they are from two different words and moreover, the Frenchman lives under the risk of being killed by the Indians. The scene where this pair is swimming in the river and he touches her navel is very tender.

In spite of the conversation that is completely in Tupinamba, the idea is clear and the viewer understands that man wonders the unusual form of the woman’s navel. The colonial love in this scene is more about curiosity, interest to unknown and unusual that both feel to each other, rather than bright expression of emotions and feelings. Besides, it is the situation when woman takes care of man and protects him; she does not care about consequences and looks confident in what she is doing.On the contrary to the How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman, the type of love depicted in a Prospero’s Book has another nature and expressions. The Book of Love is made with the application of the romantic elements and atmosphere that looks like exaggeration. The scene where Miranda meets her love is a classic example of “the myth love” with the concentration of such elements like romantic melody, flowers, kids that look like angels, peacocks that make the place similar to paradise etc. Besides, she falls in love at first sight and even is ready to protect her chosen from the father’s anger. However, the given scene contains elements that are far from romanticism or “myth love” as it demonstrates the other side of love, more intimate.

The presence of the father that does not agree with the daughter will also give a kind of tragedy and drama in situation that is typical for “myth love”.The documentary movie America Before Columbus (educational documentary) tends to disclosure the real situation that happened in history with the conquistadors and their relations with Indian women. The quick spread of the diseases including syphilis confirms the contact between them. And while the death of Indians from diseases that came with Europeans considered as the Lord’s sign that demonstrates who is the new owner of this land; the syphilis that came to Europe could mean the same sign for the conquistadors.

The last movie for consideration Cabeza de Vaca depicts the life of a real person that is close to desperate being far from the “civilized world” as …

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