In Vitro Fertilization example

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In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization has the range of ethical and moral issues that need to be considered before the decision making. IVF is not allowed in the Catholic Church. Thus, in IVF the many surplus foetuses are destroyed, whereas the unborn babies are left frozen in the laboratories. Also, in the IVF the multiple implants are injected in the woman’s womb which causes the possibility of multiple gestations. As a result, it might be decided to conduct the selective reduction which would mean the abortion of the surplus babies (

As the neonatal risk increases with the maternal age exposing both the child and the mother to the additional danger, it is worth questioning the necessity for the age restrictions for IVF imposed by the government. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends recognition of 55 as the upper age limit for IVF which is suggested taking into account the increased risk factors as well as the moral and ethical considerations regarding the moral and physiological ability of the mother to bring up the child (Rochman)Passive correlation occurs when the parents create an environment in which their children will develop their identity influenced by parents’ heredity. Thus, for example, in my case, my parents have always been successful in their studies which influenced my upbringing in a way I was taught to read rather early and was encouraged to study and explore my academic potential. Evocative correlation is a type of correlation that takes place when child’s heredity causes a certain reaction from other people. Thus, I have been rather an impatient child which required from my parents to constantly look after me in my early childhood. In terms of the niche-picking, a child seeks to find the activity complement to his heredity. Being an extrovert child with a love for communication, I started being actively involved in communication-related classes at school appearing to be rather an active interlocutor.

Leslie Rund thhough did not mention the ethical and moral issues of IVF analyzed why the government should implement restrictions ofn the IVF. The points outlined by the classmate focus, however, on the financial side of the matter. It was assumed that as the IVF helps to increase the birth rate in case it becomes commonly used it might pose significant burden on state’s financial system. Personally I do not agree with an entirely pragmatic approach that does not take into account the human factor as well as ethics and moral. I believe that if the restrictions are imposed, the only reason for it can be health-related. The classamate has also provided an example of evocative correlation which clearly demonstrates how the intrinsic factors in child development such as child heredity might cause the response, negative in this case, from the society. The evocative correlation as demonstrated does not necessarily bring positive outcome. To my mind, in case some behavioral patterns applied by the child cause unexplainable negative response, it is important …

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