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Leonardo’s Paintings

Mona Lisa Historians agree that the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo was begun in 1503. He worked on it for four years and kept it himself for a number of years after. This was supposed because it was Leonardo’s favorite painting or maybe because it was still unfinished. After some time, it was sold for four thousand gold crowns to the King of France. The painting has been the talk of the world ever since. After the France Revolution, it was transferred to the Louvre. It came to the possession of Napoleon who used the panel in decorating his bedroom. When he was banished from France, Mona Lisa was once again taken back to the Louvre. The certain thing is that it never got to its rightful owner, being the man that presumably paid for it.

Researchers remain certain of the identity of the sitter with others claiming that she was Isabella of Aragon; the widowed Duchess of Milan. They support their claim by pointing the widows’ veil on her head. Others conclude that she was Giuliani de’ Medici’s mistress, but her head may be a chastity symbol which is commonly shown in portraits of married women. The path in view may be the virtue path which was a reference to the ‘Hercules choice’ story which was a frequent reference in Renaissance art and was unlikely to appear in a mistress’ painting.

There is a probability of her being Mona Lisa Gherardini, who was Francesco di Bartolommeo di Zanobi del Giocondo; a wealthy silk merchant’s third wife. Lisa would have aged above twenty-four years at that time and was not considered beautiful in any way. Leonardo saw certain distinctive qualities which by now have made her the most highly insured woman in world history.Her smile has created a big mark in Leonardo’s style. It is very obvious in the Mona Lisa painting and also in most of his works. A number of suggestions have been built to the reason of the smile including the idea that during this historical period, women had been instructed only to smile with one side of the mouth in order to add mystery and elegance air. The extremely unusual suggestion was that Mona Lisa was a disguised man; perhaps a self-portrait form and Leonardo’s face himself. Computer tests have shown that some of the features of the face well match that of another Leonardo’s self-portrait (Sassoon 201).

Leonardo’s last supper painting

Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece Last Supper is one of the great work of Renaissance, though it has struggled for intact survival over the centuries. Its commissioner was Duke Ludovico Sforza for the refectory of Milan’s Santa Maria Delle Grazie monastery. Leonardo applied oil/tempera mix for its painting on drywall. He did this to capture the oil painting look, though it began wearing off within his lifetime.

In the Last Supper painting, Leonardo was able to create the effect that Christ and the apostles’ room in …

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