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Logicomix Book Report

On the first glance, the book entitled “Logicomix” talking about truth and madness, as well as the relationship of mathematics and logic, might stun a lot of students because they probably have no comprehension before that a book narrating serious issues like, truth, hate, madness, logic and rationality can be presented in a relaxed manner, a comic way. It is widely acknowledged that books related to philosophy issues would be very serious, with lots of difficult of words and brain-crunching thoughts through very difficult to understand concepts written in the book. It is giving a pleasant surprise to the philosophy students to read this book because it seems fairly easily to understand what the authors wanted to teach their readers in simple, daily, even colloquial languages, together with funny cartoon-style comics. A lot of students would love to read this book, as it is not boring at all, given the difficult concepts of what the authors hoped their young readers to learn from their past experiences starting from when they were young boys, bombarding by civil unrest all over the world.

Indeed, the books conveys a dramatic story of madness of a young boy, who lost his parents when he was very young because of the horrendous wars, from the beginning but this madness always was in conflict the main author’s inner thought and mind set because he was not born with madness but the very enquiring mind to search for truth. However, it was very unlucky that during his youth period of time, conflicts were raging all over the places. Who could keep their mind clear? Fortuity, he was not discouraged but was converted his fear to become a special encouragement to search for the truth that he always dreamed of. Besides, he was born with a title, rich beyond most of the ordinary young boys. With his special education at home with world-class teachers came to his grandfather’s home to teach him, he quickly grasped all the necessary knowledge to become a mathematicist in his early ages because the philosopher, Bertrand Russell, did a good job in recounting the spiritual odyssey of the stubborn of him. At the time, he was not even entering the university but already crossed paths with numerous legendary thinkers. To name a few, they included Kurt Godel, Gottlob Frege, and David Hilbert. The philosopher, then the mathematicist, even found a passionate student in the great Ludwig Wittgenstein. It seemed his young life was filled with lots of arguments with his senior and even his juniors, but he would never forget about his passion to establish concrete, unmovable logical foundations of mathematics. Perhaps borne not in the right time, through his love and hate, peace and war, Professor Russell was so stubborn in his steadfast goal that almost destroyed his career and his personal happiness. With his granddies and people around him who were all gave him some spiritual guidance, he escaped from dropping into the pit of insanity.

Professor Russell, in …

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