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Maths Personal Statement

All our day-to-day activities and practices involve mathematics concepts. We find mathematics from our homes, at the shopping centers, to working places. Mathematics is all over the world. I developed an interest in mathematics at an early age in Zhejiang province, eastern of China, where I was born. Since my childhood, I have always found great satisfaction in solving mathematics problems from the complex ones to the most the most obvious ones. As such, the challenge or problem solving has become vital to my passion for math.

Learning mathematics through childhood and youth has built in me a solid foundation for some aspects of financial calculation. As an international student studying in the UK, I gained lots benefits during that period. Firstly, in mathematics, I learned how to find the possibility for doing things successfully, it extended my imagination by deal with geometry questions, and it also taught me how to solve problems from different aspects when one method does not seem to bring the desired outcomes. Secondly in physics I learned how to analyze data properly by solving mechanics problem, it also improved my logic thinking skill in deal with electromagnetic field parts. Finally from studying economy, it have come to understand various economic issues affective me as an individual and the society in general. From the studies, I have come to understand and appreciate government policies and are regulations regarding the economy.

Most of these concepts will be beneficial to me in the future while dealing with handing my personal economic issues.Over the years in my studies, my experiences in mathematics have been great. Having had a level in mathematics, physics, economic, and finance, I have come to understand and appreciate the various ways in which mathematics concepts are taught. At high school, one of my favorite classes on mathematics concepts was finance. The finance teacher dead a lecture on the topic, gave us some formulas for how to calculate various problems, put us in groups of our choices, had us solve one problem per group in a collaborative manner, and then present our answer to the class, whether it was right or wrong. Afterward, the class would give constructive feedback, and ask questions, which we would work as class to answer. The entire time, the teacher sat at his desk, willing to help in circumstances that seemed difficult for us. Despite many of my classmates raising complaints about the teacher not effectively teaching, I found this method of teaching as crucial element in enhancing my understanding of mathematics concepts. From this experience, I found it easier to work out mathematics problems collaboratively.

From doing mathematics collaboratively, I have learned various things that I would not have learned if I were just studying on my own. In this manner, I perceive mathematics as a being created rather than discovered. It has made me learn more about myself, and still shows the potential of further self- discovery from supplementary studies. …

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