Muckraker Journalist Sympathetic to the Plight of Immigrants example

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Muckraker Journalist Sympathetic to the Plight of Immigrants


Americans proudly call themselves “a nation of immigrants.” Although, the Americans did not like immigrants kindly enough, for many years, they almost did not take any effort to restrict the flow of immigration. America is willing to support the myth that its streets “ are paved with gold” - and anyone, regardless of their origin, could try to learn from this for a personal benefit and the sacred right of Americans would give them their greatest gift, the gift of becoming American to any who not only wish. However, nowadays, a recession and worsening isolationist sentiment invoke reforming and changing the sound immigration policy with the unprecedented forces. In response to these demands, the government took measures: the Clinton administration established the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform (American Immigration Council). The current paper will research the challenges to the plight of immigrants.


The Commission published its proposal on the 7th June and the House of Representatives immediately submitted a new draft law, which took into account many of the recommendations of the Commission. Both of these projects are aimed at significant reduction (by tightening restrictions, raising qualification, reducing the overall quota and the reduction of support) of the allowable number of immigrants in the future. In California and Texas, many politicians use their influence to actively support the toughened policy. This Bill concerns the settlement of problems of the immigrants’ flow across the southern border of the United States. Many Mexicans (Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University 8) illegally enter the country through the southern border – mostly in Texas – and rushed straight to California. As a result, Californians are beginning to refer to Mexicans as invaders. Therefore, they seek to build more fences and border control points as well as other goodies to keep the influx of Mexicans who are not gardening or cleaning houses for a fee, much less than the minimum.

The Commission recommends the criteria for obtaining permission to enter in the direction of tightening. Many provisions, which are restricting public assistance to immigrants, fall under the laws of public assistance programs (Cabezas 10). In the past, these programs have made an exception for the supported immigrants’ families. In addition, it was proposed to extend the period, during which an immigrant can not be in public care, up to seven years. The bankruptcy of the sponsor responsibility will be prosecuted, and immigrants will be deported, if they receive the support of any social support services, which are listed in the bill, totally, more than 12 months for a seven-year period. Since almost all of the services of public assistance had been turned, an allowance (in case of short-term emergency) would be rather difficult thing. Nowadays, two years are enough for immigrant to be considered as a qualified. Under the new law, the same period will be extended up to five years, and for many positions will require two years of work …

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