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My Personal Positive Qualities

When I was thinking about my strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment, I realized that I need an internship opportunity in a public museum, educational art organization or commercial art gallery. The internship will help me build on my strengths and improve on the weaknesses that I have.I have a plenty of imagination that is because of my painting background; I have been painting for more than ten years now. It is therefore evident that I have a substantial amount of experience in painting. Moreover, I have a very long experience to live with art.

Combing my advanced negotiation skills (especially in Chinese), and creatively, being an assistant of project planner becomes my first choice. How to plan an event or how to improve the event in a fancy and practical way are my adept. I have an experience in my undergrad school, where I had the responsibility of holding a small children activity in Art Institute of Chicago, I gave an idea about maze to the program group, and the maze absorbed many children to come to our event. In the same way, my professional art background, advanced painting skills, and my patients have helped me to become an assistant teacher for the painting class. Furthermore, I find the position of a teaching assistant in the new art center. In addition the above strengths, I have good knowledge and experience in conflict resolution, which is as a result of my personality. Also, I always try to balance everything in my life, particularly in my professional working environment.

In my opinion, both integrity and peace are all critical. When working as a team, I always play the role of a coordinator. In terms of technical skills, I have a professional painting skill whether on the computer canvas or on a paper by any materials. Besides, I have a real aesthetic appreciation and desktop publishing techniques that help me to work well. I can work well in visual communication and graphic design because I have advanced skills in using Office Software, Photoshop, Final Cut and Audacity that is the picture, video and sound editing software.In terms of business skills, I work very well in a team both as a team member as well as a leader during business discussions. I do this because of my good communication and negotiation skills. I also know how to manage my time well by balancing my time in all the activities were supposed to do. My good time management skills help me to work as a team and as an individual. However, despite learning financial management in the last semester, I still have challenges with my financial management and analyzing skills which I would like to work on to improve.

Finally, Patience, imagination, creativity, humor, and motivation are my positive personal qualities. I am always interested in everything around me, and I tried to add them to be a part of my artwork when I was …

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