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Non Verbal Communication


Nonverbal communication is highly important to anyone as people communicate every day and learn something new from others. Knowing the right techniques and believing in those one communicates with is the key for efficient communication and overall success. The implications of this knowledge are limitless and the only thing to watch out for is keeping positive attitude towards the usage of such.

Non Verbal Communication

The article “When giving critical feedback, focus on your nonverbal cues” by Emma Seppala describes how understanding of nonverbal communication at workplace could lead to better health, higher productivity and positive relationships with employees and colleagues. The idea behind such advantages of applying knowledge of nonverbal communication is that people do not necessarily show and say everything they mean and from time to time their facial expression, eye contact, voice, etc. provide more information than words. “Most of us trust nonverbal cues far more than we trust another’s words. Fifty-five percent of communication is comprised of body language, 38 percent of audio codes, and 7 percent of words.” (De Janasz, 2015, p.142)

A great manager that knows how to effectively utilize all aspects of nonverbal communication could create a healthy working environment that would not only motivate the employees, but also directly affect their health state. Positive atmosphere at the workplace could strengthen one’s immune system, lower their heart rate and blood pressure and improve overall health (Seppala, 2017). A happy, motivated and healthy employee is of a great value to any organization.

There are many things to watch out for when trying to express one’s ideas and emotions. People tend to forget that others watch their behavior and understand far more than just the things they are saying. Such facial expression as a simple smile could open up many opportunities for one and make people friendlier towards him. Eye contact establishes trust between people as it shows the very deep emotions people hide and their true intensions. The voice tone is another indicator that would signal that someone is trying to hide his emotions. It changes much when people try to lie or not uncover the full story. Posture, attention and even breath could be used either to express one’s emotions or to hide them. Those who learned implications of nonverbal communication have the knowledge to affect people by simply saying a sentence, but meaning a whole paragraph and getting that information to the people through a very effective way – emotions (Seppala, 2017).

One of the most effective techniques of nonverbal communication is listening. It is absolutely different – to listen to people and to hear what they say. A good, active listener invites others to the dialogue and shares what they have to say with him. Better communication leads to better cooperation and problem solving, increasing overall effectiveness of any dialogues. Such simple improvement in nonverbal communication could open up new horizons and opportunities for most of the people.

Despite all the advantages of nonverbal communication, it is not as easy …

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