Nutrition and Dietary Guidelines Discussion example

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Nutrition and Dietary Guidelines Discussion

I agree with criticism about dropping of cholesterol issue from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015. It is still a big health problem for many people but as argues Anahad O’Connor in his article for New York Times, this long-standing limit in 300 milligrams of cholesterol (less than two eggs per day) is unreasonably taken out of the Dietary Guidelines 2015. At the same time, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine state in their article “Cholesterol and Heart Disease” (2016, p.1) that 2,200 Americans die daily from cardiovascular diseases caused by high cholesterol level. Research from the Institute of Medicine also demonstrates that if people consume a lot of cholesterol-rich food through diet, their total blood cholesterol levels increase (IOM, 2002). It is unclear why cholesterol issue is totally dropped from the Guidelines, if it influences health in the same way as in previous decades.

MyPlate is a useful resource for those who want to eat a healthy diet and to be fit, because there is a complex of different approaches to staying healthy. Such links as Healthy Eating Style, Physical Activity, BMI Calculator, All About Food Groups help a person to orient and to invent an individual healthy diet and life style. The division of information according to target audience is a great advantage of this on-line resource, even students and future moms are involved into search of healthy lifestyle.

My Dietary Guidelines for College Students:

Eat healthy, organic food, include a variety of nutrients into your healthy diet;

Reduce the consumption of red meat and eggs. Production and consuming of meat influences global warming greatly, so it is worth to refuse from beef and prefer poultry and other sources of protein.

Do not drink beverages with added sugar, drink clean water.

Avoid processed foods and junk food

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