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Nutrition and Fitness

Identify at least three benefits of cardiovascular exercise:

The wide-spread reason why people start doing cardiovascular exercise is fat loss. However, this is not the only benefit from a regular cardio program. Cardio exercises also increase metabolism, improve heart health, hormonal profile and recovery ability. Moreover, they can be a great treatment for people suffering from diabetes.Resistance training can be helpful for those who want to increase metabolic rate, build muscle mass and become stronger. Such exercises slow down or even reverse the aging process. Also they are a great treatment for Osteoporosis and high blood pressure. Resistance training has a special importance for those, who avoid physical work in everyday life, since it prevents the loss of 5 pounds of muscle every ten years after age of 30.

For non-athletes, the recommended beverage for thirst is? Justify/explain your reasoning.

The beverage, that is most helpful to our organism, is water. According to the Institute of Medicine guidelines, a man should drink about 91-125 oz. per day. Cow milk is also important for our body, as it can both allay thirst and supply nutritious elements. Tea and coffee are suitable drinks for non-athletes, however it is not recommended to consume a lot of caffeine. We shouldn’t forget about juices and smoothies, but their consumption should be limited as they are high in calories and sugar. The energy-yielding nutrients used in aerobic exercise are fats, carbohydrates (CHO), lipids and protein. All these nutrients consist of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. Fats and carbohydrates are the primary sources of energy, which contribute to maintaining body weight and replenishing stores of glycogen. Protein is necessary for building muscle mass and lipids contribute to the absorption of dietary fiber. Athletes or persons engaged in regular fitness are often vulnerable to recommendations to consume supplements to improve performance.

What is the position of the American College of Sport Medicine’s stand on supplement usage?

The American College of Sports Medicine states that optimal nutrition is inseparable from the physical activity. Such nutrition includes effective selection of foods, drinks and supplements. Appropriate supplements should be taken before, during, and after exercise, because they help keep stable blood glucose concentration, maximize performance during exercise, and shorten the recovery time. However, there is no need to take vitamin and mineral supplements if a sportsman consumes healthy food and nutritious elements are maintained from it.

What are concerns for persons using supplements and ergogenic aids?

It is forbidden to take illegal supplements and ergogenic aids to improve results at sports competitions. The use of additives to enhance performance is considered to be unfair and creates risk for the health of a sportsman.

When is a sports drink recommended as the fitness beverage of choice? Why?

Sportsmen should drink enough liquid before, during and after exercises to compensate water losses in the organism. Special sports beverages, which contain such elements as carbohydrates and electrolytes, may be consumed …

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