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Obesity Research

Obesity is the medical condition characterized by the accumulation of the body fat that may negatively affect the person's health. It is mostly caused by the lack of physical activity, an immoderate food intake, and genetic susceptibility. ("Obesity and overweight", 2016) It is possible to prevent obesity through a combination of certain changes, social and personal choices. Exercising and the proper diet are the main solutions to treat obesity. Dietary fiber and the reduced consumption of sugars and fats can facilitate the therapy. Individuals suffering from obesity have to get as much information as needed on the issue to help them deal with the problem and to chose the treatment.

In Virginia, the obesity rates are steadily rising for the last decade. ("Measuring obesity in Virginia", 2016) Lack of information on the obesity issue leads to poor nutrition and so the problems continue to emerge. Virginia is promoting a healthy lifestyle to assist citizens from childhood to avoid obesity and live healthily. (Virginia State Obesity Data) The project against obesity includes collecting the information. There are several resources to provide the data - State statistics web-sites, hospital information, nutrition analysis, etc. To start obesity treatment patients will have to acquire the insurance that covers such health conditions. Hospitals and other medical facilities must provide the brochure regarding the obesity problems, causes of it and solutions. Patients will be able to choose the program to start the treatment. It will include proper nutrition, adopting healthy behaviors, physical activities, such as walking, jogging, swimming, food supplements, vitamins. Because of financial conditions, people sometimes think that they lack money to provide the healthy lifestyle. The program will educate patients on how to eat cheap and healthy. The program may include the guidance and observations of the patients in medical facilities, which will require trained staff to provide the information and supervision. In general, the obesity project will not require a lot of money to support, because the treatment overall depends on the patients' involvement.

Obesity is a severe issue in Virginia, that requires close attention and action. Providing more information to the patients and encouraging them to healthy behavior and lifestyle will contribute to the reduction of the obesity rates in the state.


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